Video shows woman spraying breast milk at music festival

With lockdown restrictions in the UK easing, we can start thinking about all the things we missed – holidays, eating out, music festivals. But this bizarre video from 2019 is a reminder of how wild it can get when 50,000 people gather in one field:

The video shows a woman squirting breast milk from her festival goers – it first appeared online a few years ago and to be honest, it never really went away.

The clip, made by a man named Eric Falconi, shows a woman in a black one-piece swim suit or leotard, along with a cap, sunglasses and some red boots.

She dances around before suddenly whipping her breasts and starting spraying milk all over the place.

Then she continues to dance and dance before a festival-goer shows up and crouches near her In an attempt to Catch some milk in your mouth.

I’m really just speechless at this point, but at least everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, so that’s nice.

In the background you can hear people reacting in shock while one person yells: “Oh s ***. Jesus Christ!” while others laugh or cheer them on.

You can hear some people too saying “Oh god,” which is probably a pretty one appropriate Reaction.

The clip was shot at Dirtybird Campout in Southern California and has been making the rounds on social media since it was first published.

Photo credit: Jam Press

Of course, it has received millions of views and many comments.

Most people didn’t quite seem to believe what they were seeing, and one person said: “Okay, but how does she produce so much milk?”

Inevitably, some people couldn’t wait to judge the woman:: “I suppose she just had a baby and that milk is being given out to the public in place of her child.”

Another added: “”Yooooo Breast milk is like damn gold and it just squirts [it] out as it is water? “

But others defended it, arguing that “breast milk is not a big deal,” which someone pointed out: “Breast milk is no big deal, it injects it like a super soaker.”

Even so, everyone in the video seems pretty happy about it, doesn’t it?