Tyler Posey Releases New Single + Music Video “Blissful”

Tyler Posey releases new single + music video, “Happy”

Today the all-rounder creator Tyler Posey officially released his newest single “Happy”. The single follows the release of his debut solo single “Shut Up” in March. Similar to “Shut Up”, Posey finds another collaboration with John Feldmann and Phem on the new single and offers fans another energetic pop-punk track with an equally energetic music video.

“This song is kind of juxtaposed in that it’s called ‘Happy’,” says Posey. “The lyrics are anything but. Small talk today is full of shit. When someone asks, ‘How are you?’ And you are honest with someone about mental health problems, they may be uncomfortable and judge you. So why not just say you are happy and not deal with the bullshit? That’s what this song is about. “

He further shares: “In the lyrics like ‘Yes, I know how to act, I played these roles that you all wanted me to do’ and ‘Yes, I know how to nod, half awake, nod with rolling back eyes “Don’t say I’m fine” is a glimpse of my life, from my acting career to my drug abuse and the act I played instead of really being truthful about what I went through. “

Watch the music video for Happy below.