Two June FollowUp Reviews |

The June 2021 edition of Stereophile included reviews of two recommended components that deserve further study of their offering: the dCS Bartók D / A processor and the Schiit Audio Sol turntable.

Jim Austin tested the dCS Bartók in October 2019. Costing $ 14,500 plus $ 2,750 for the headphone amplifier option, the Bartók is the UK company’s newest D / A processor with its groundbreaking Ring DAC. “The Ring DAC is based on technically sound ideas with clear, definite advantages over other DAC technologies.” Jim concluded, “There’s value here – absolutely – but while this is the most inexpensive component of dCS that can play music, it still isn’t cheap.”

In his follow-up, Herb Reichert examined the sound quality of the various reconstruction filters used by Bartók. He also auditioned the performance with his favorite headphones and tried the “crossfeed” function, which compensates for the fact that in typical stereo recordings, the soundstage is painted with headphones in the listener’s head.

Ken Micallef reviewed the Schiit Audio Sol turntable in March 2021. The Sol costs $ 799 with an Audio-Technica cartridge. No sooner had the ink dried in Ken’s review than Stereophile la Jefa asked Jim Austin to investigate how well the Sol would work and when, paired with better cassettes and preamps, etc. devices that are not often combined with an entry-level turntable. You can find his conclusions here.

Ironically, it didn’t seem earlier than the ink dried at KM’s follow-up exam when it appeared that the sol was going to be discontinued due to supply issues with some of its parts. See a reader’s comment and Jim Austin’s response here after talking to Schiits Jason Stoddard.