Triple J Reddit users compiled Cringey moments in Aus Music


“The hottest 100 in which a presenter called Sicko Mode ‘the bohemian rhapsody of our generation’.”

Australia seems to be creating more than just part of its crowning moments, especially when it comes to musicians. If you’ve ever seen one of The Project’s music interviews, you know how painful it is when a train wreck slowly takes place in front of you.

And now it is visible to everyone. For the past few days, people on the popular Triple-J subreddit have been busy cataloging the most groundbreaking moments in Australian music history, and there is quite a lot to consider.

“Just for fun, I’ve listed some of those moments in Australian music when you just wondered … what were you thinking?” user @powerful_nectarine_ wrote a few days ago. You go on to review moments like Birds of Tokyo covering Kendrick Lamar, Alex Dyson, and PNAU’s awkward KFC sponcon, and this tweet from well-known funky man Chet Faker:

It’s called funk. You’re welcome.

– NM (@nick_murphy) October 17, 2015

The thread was soon flooded with dozens of examples – like when Matt Okine was forced to perform his standup routine in front of legendary comedian Chris Rock, or every time someone saw Dr. Karl calls and asks how big his penis is (ffs), and Rubens mixes Kendrick Lamar’s ‘King Kunta’ with Adele’s ‘Hello’ for Like A Version.

And of course the infamous moment when former breakfast presenter Ben Harvey jokingly referred to Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” as the “Bohemian Rhapsody” of our time – a joke that really flew over the heads of the suddenly very angry Triple-J listeners.

Read the full thread here, and have your nails and chalkboard ready.

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