Tokyo Music Scene: Newest releases in Japan in Could

Tokyo Music Scene: Latest releases in Japan in May

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It is the rainy season. The sky is grey. Your pant legs are constantly soaked. It’s time to plug in those headphones and find a glimmer of hope with Metropolis’ latest roundup of Japan-based sound artists and their latest tracks. From Xiangyu’s crazy love letter to Doutour’s Milano sandwich to Maik Loubte’s “Spider Dancing” and Bearwear’s upbeat “Carry On”, this playlist is sure to get you grooving when you’re in the condensation draft with someone’s umbrella digging in your leg and yours Ghosts seep away as quickly as the sweat that collects on your forehead. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify here or check out some highlights:

Carry on | Bear clothing

The indie band Bearwear released “Carry On” and “madoromi” a few days ago, and the tracks are already exploding among fans. The Tokyo-based duo loves melody-driven music and is inspired by US bands such as Turnover.

Milano Sand A | xiangyu

“Milano Sando A” is the most popular product in the shops of the Japanese coffee chain Doutor. It’s also the theme in Xiangyu’s latest title.

Hey man | Waiting for Bakari no Kuni

The psychedelic rock quintet Odotte Bakari no Kuni released the popular “Hey Human” before their new album “moana”, which will be released on June 2nd.

Nylon | NEHANN

“Nylon” is from the debut album New Metropolis by the Tokyo post-punk band NEHANN. All members were formed in August 2020 and are in their twenties. They say their music and visual style are inspired by “Neo Tokyo” (think Blade Runner and AKIRA).


24-year-old ALICE was born in Brazil and now lives in Tokyo as a model and singer. ALICE’s debut EP, produced by Renatinho Iwai and guitarist Elias Chiago, is a fusion of bossa nova, MPB (Brazilian pop music) and pop.

Color, sleeping mirror | MASH

The up-and-coming band BREIMEN has just released their first album “TITY”. BREIMEN’s sound is part of electro-pop, funk, trap and rock and is just as playful and relaxed as its members.


Kyoto-based instrumental band NABOWA and Nagano-born electro-pop artist AAAMYYY worked together to bring the world “Kiraku ni”. We love it for the rainy season as it is upbeat and relaxed at the same time.

Wolf | PAZU, Lil Beamz

Released digitally on May 7th, PAZU and Lil Beamz are emerging artists on the Japanese hip hop scene.

Spider dance | Maika Loubte

This colorful electronic pop is the latest from Loubte and, as always, doesn’t disappoint. The music video was shot by Saou Tanaka from Germany. You can watch the behind the scenes video here.

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