Big Rave raised some concerns

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Photo: Facebook

This is a still image from a “location video” posted on Facebook on Friday by the organizers of the March Madness music festival, teasing the location of the rave, which is somewhere near Kamloops.

Some members of the BC music festival scene are concerned about a potentially large rave set to take place this weekend in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Kamloops area.

The event’s Facebook page, known as March Madness, has more than 250 people listed as attendees. Comments indicate revelers are planning to travel to the event from Alberta.

“I understand these are tough times and many people organize their lives around festivals,” a concerned member of the city’s rave scene told Castanet Kamloops.

“I just can’t imagine how this virus is spreading – it’s just the opposite of what we need right now.”

A poster on social media shows more than 30 DJs scheduled to perform in person at March Madness. This should start on Friday at 2 p.m. and run for two days.

The event is organized by Chris Carew, who is also listed as one of the cast. Repeated attempts by Castanet Kamloops to contact Carew have so far been unsuccessful.

Castanet also asked the Kamloops RCMP department if Mounties were aware of the incident. This call was not returned.

Concerns about the party among members of the city’s festival community are diverse, but range from an expected lack of enforcement of COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing to the potential for drug overdoses.

Music festivals usually include staff to ensure that anyone dealing with a drug-related illness has access to medical treatment. With March Madness going against the recommendations of British Columbia public health officials, there are concerns that harm reduction aid may not be on site, despite a group called Rave Safe reaching out on social media that they would be there .

Photo: Facebook

These comments were posted on the Facebook page of the March Madness music festival taking place somewhere near Kamloops this weekend.