The Lot at Zidell Yards will host a music festival this weekend

This weekend the Lot at Zidell Yards is hosting its biggest event to date: a summer music festival.

The Lot is a pandemic-era outdoor venue that has hosted screenings and many of Portland’s most popular artists, including Blossom, Ural Thomas, and Sávila, since it opened on Memorial Day weekend this year. On August 14th and 15th, it will host a new music festival where guests can book seating for two, four or six people and purchase food and drink from a number of local vendors.

Louise Woodward, the Lot’s music director, says the hope for the event is “bringing Portland’s music back to Portland” by highlighting local artists. Each act has its own connection to the Rose City, including headliners Parisalexa, who recently moved to Portland, and Blitzen Trapper, who has roots here. “We are spoiled [with the] Music selection here. I mean, Portland doesn’t lack a music scene, ”says Woodward.

After talking to several venues around the world that have already hosted music festivals this summer, organizer Christina Fuller and her team decided that Lot’s pod format with fenced-in areas for two to six people was the best way to get the music to present in a safe way. As for the heat, which will be less intense on Saturday and Sunday than during the week, but just barely – many employees say there will be on-site cooling stations for children’s pools with sunscreen, hats and umbrellas. and they hope the late start time will mitigate the worst.

Woodward says that during the previous events of the Lot, “The greatest joy was the sound check…. When we first heard ‘test one two, two one two’ I think there was a rousing cheer and high fives, it was great. We all missed it. “ Parisalexa hopes the event can fill the “huge hole in people’s lives, including artists” created by the lack of live music over the past year.

Each night of the festival features four performances with DJ sets in between. In addition to the headliners, the billing includes the country western sister duo Barbaras, a showcase by the People Music collective, the indie pop band Pure Bathing Culture and the “psychedelic cumbia” group Orquestro Pacifico Tropical.

The Lot summer music festival

Sat-Sun 14-15. August, The Lot at Zidell Yards, $ 60-75 per person per day