A music festival in Cornwall that was supposed to be directed by Goldfrapp and Annie Mac has been canceled. The organizers accused the government of failing to take out Covid cancellation insurance.

Leopallooza, a popular hit on The Wyldes in Week St. Mary near Bude, was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, and now the 2021 version has also been abandoned.

It was supposed to be in July but has now been postponed to July 22, 23 and 24 next year. The line-up included Metronomy, Goldfrapp and Annie Mac and was close to selling out before it was canceled.

The organizers said that despite the government’s roadmap planned so far, Covid is still casting a shadow over future events and creating uncertainty.

The Leopallooza Festival in Cornwall was popular and has a tradition of setting a vehicle on fire

They also stressed the lack of a government safety net for events in the event that the plug is pulled. At the national level, organizers of hundreds of music festivals are warning that if the government does not follow other European countries and offers to take out Covid cancellation insurance, it may also be forced to close the curtain.

The organizers of Leopallooza said: “It is with great sadness that we announce that we will all have to wait a little longer to celebrate together and the next edition of Leopallooza will now take place on July 22/23/24, 2022.

“This means that our currently scheduled dates for 2021 will not take place. We have worked incredibly hard to make this year’s festival possible. However, a combination of factors has made it clear that the situation is too uncertain for the festival to continue to organize.” its usual shape.

“By far the biggest problem is the lack of government-backed Covid cancellation insurance, which, despite constant campaigns in our industry, has still not become a reality.

“Without this, the risks are simply too high for us to be able to continue planning. This would not only jeopardize this year’s event, but also the long-term survival of the festival – and therefore your ticket money as well.”

Planning an event after the pandemic carries a significant financial risk for organizers as events can continue to be canceled by public health chiefs or even a local or national lockdown, resulting in potential losses for the organizers.

Leopallooza’s cancellation follows that of the Boomtown Festival near Winchester and Shambala in Northamptonshire, which were withdrawn due to insurance problems.

The music industry has been campaigning for a government-sponsored compensation system for months that provides financial assistance when events are carried out by Covid.

European countries such as Austria, Denmark and Sweden have set up such programs and the Dutch government has set up a cancellation fund of GBP 259 million.

People who attended this year’s Leopallooza event can use their ticket next year. The organizers said, “Keeping your tickets is the greatest thing you can do to support Leopallooza and other festivals and events during this time.

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“We cannot guarantee that if you request a refund this year you will be able to buy your tickets back next year, as we were already incredibly close to selling out, with camping upgrades already completely sold out and RV passes ever closer If you know it is you if you plan to come to Leopallooza next year, we strongly recommend that you keep your tickets wherever possible.

“Of course, refunds are available to those who need them. You need to contact Gigantic with your booking reference and they can process your face value refund for you. We ask that you do so by May 30th, 2021.”

The organizers also promised new additions and “some kind of rebirth for Leopallooza” in 2022, saying: “Moving Leopallooza doesn’t mean we will stop working, we will use the lead to our advantage next year.

“We do this because we love to do live events. Two years without seeing all of your glittering, smiling, dancing selves is not the position we’ve ever seen each other. But here we are.

“Thank you again for your unwavering support, we really couldn’t do it without you. And to every single person who works hard in the NHS and beyond to bring us closer to normal – thank you.”