TACH presents an evening with world music |  Carson City Nevada News

Event date:

July 17, 2016 – 5:00 p.m.

TACH (Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony), a non-profit organization, presents “An Evening with WORLD MUSIC” in July 2016. The event will feature a collaboration of Indo-American artists, Indian classical, jazz, fusion, saxophone, flute and harp.

TACH has been playing “Music of India” in Washoe County District Schools & Libraries for the past few years through the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. This organization works for charitable work in the field of music and in continuation TACH presents its event on July 17th, 2016.

Top artists presenting the events on July 17, 2016 are:

Dallas Smith (Reno), who easily moves between the melodic quality of the flute, the sensual richness of the saxophone and clarinet and the magic of the electric wind instrument.

Striving to set a new standard of excellence and art as a harpist in the field of contemporary instrumental jazz and pop music, Susan Mazer (Reno) ventured into the technological realm of amplification.

Chakrapani Singh (Reno), one of the brightest stars of the generation with a career that promises to be illustrious and innovative. Every step of Chakrapani’s eternal love and fiery passion for music will no doubt be a compelling and joyful journey for the world’s music lovers. He is truly a rare instrumentalist with a unique repertoire ranging from traditional, classical compositions on the slide guitar to his innovative interpretations on the Kachappi Veena.

Javad Butah (LA), who continues to learn and develop with a deep love for the inexhaustible art of tabla. His playing, which is characterized by clarity and good sound quality, represents a virtuoso tradition that is alive in a new generation.

TACH (Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony) works for global artist management, cultural exchange program, music education, fusion music development & development, seminar, organization of music competitions and is open to all aspects of music and related cultural promotions. It promotes all aspects of Indian-Western music. Also celebrate annual event.

TACH offers a cultural exchange program and promotes intercultural fusion music collaborations that contribute to the development of harmony and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures. It also awards the “Award of Excellence” to artists from the USA and beyond, who have exceptional skills in the field of music.

You can find more information about TACH at: www.tach.info.