The past two years have been hard on all of us; physically, mentally and emotionally. Italian-American singer-songwriter Stefano is an artist all too aware of this, and of the hardships and challenges life brings. Through his new single “We Are The Power,” he’s calling on everyone to help heal the world, literally and metaphorically.

The track features beautifully soulful vocals and a vivacious chorus complete with gospel choir. It’s a song that reminds all those who hear it of the power and importance of love and optimism. In his own words, Stefano says: “It is a song that describes the importance of every person’s mission to use their individual gifts to unify the world in harmony and peace.” PopWrapped caught up with him to learn more about his musical background and how he himself is looking for and working towards a brighter, happier future.

You’ve had a close connection to and with music since you were young, having begun classical piano training at the age of 7. Whose choice was it for you to form such a bond with music at that age; yours or someone else’s, and do you have any regrets about it?

I was born into the music world as my father always played many musical instruments and sung all kinds of songs growing up. By the age of 5, I was already doing “neighbourhood shows,” singing all sorts of songs for the people in the village that I lived in. When I was 7, my parents asked me if I wanted to learn an instrument and I decided to start practicing the piano. It was my decision with the unconditional love and support from my parents that I am forever grateful for. They’ve always allowed me to be myself and to do what I feel is necessary for me at any specific moment of my life.

You then went on to appear on several TV shows in your home country of Italy – how do you think that helped prepare you for the spotlight you’re in now?

I was fortunate enough to be on that show at a young age. It required sacrifices from my parents, including travel and a lot of time away from our home. This opportunity, which came at an early age, really helped set the stage for what was to come and how I would have to navigate these opportunities and what the expectations would be. After the first TV show, I understood that popularity needed some solid cultural base and so shortly thereafter, I started my musical studies at the Conservatory of Music.

How does your Italian heritage influence the music you make?

Both my Italian heritage and my passion for classical music influence my music in many ways. The melody, the “bel canto,” and the analysis of the past to create a new future will always be very important to me. Taking influence from classical composers such as Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninoff will always be part of my past, present and future. They will always be present in my music.

You began collaborating with established producer Chico Bennett, who has worked with Madonna and Lady Gaga among others, back in 2019. How did that meeting of minds come about?

We had the opportunity to connect with Chico by supporting a charitable cause he had donated his time to. We met, instantly connected, and quickly started putting together a plan for artist development and five EP’s. The relationship has blossomed, continued to expand, and “We Are The Power” is a shining example of how the two of us and everyone involved work so well together.

Is there a particular idea or story behind your new track “We Are The Power”? What made you think it was the right choice for a single release? What are you trying to say with and through the song?

‘We Are The Power’ has a strong message in that it hopefully inspires people to do what they can to drive change, no matter what change they support and need in their lives.  Living through this pandemic has affected us all, and the power of this song with the choir, incredible lyrics, and the arrangement just seemed perfect for the time in which we are living.

The pandemic has affected millions of lives, personally and professionally. How has it impacted your own and how in turn, has that perhaps affected your plans and career path?

We were originally set to launch my marketing plan and the EP’s in March of 2020, and then as you know, the world just stopped. No one in any industry knew what would happen, but there was a lot of uncertainty in the arts, specifically live performances of any kind. We decided to not launch my first American EP, and instead I continued to work with my team on new songs, sharpen the singles we had ready, and I spent more time connecting with the world through social media and special covers. In 2020, I was honored to be selected by David Foster for a feature on Dr. Phil as Mr. Foster was releasing his new album and bringing attention to “International Piano Day” which occurs on the 88th day of each year.  

Would you like to get out on the road and in front of live audiences at some time in the near future? Do you miss the buzz that comes with performing and getting to personally interact, up close and personal, with others?

Absolutely, I performed live for many years throughout Italy and Europe, and I love to be in front of an audience. I recently performed at a concert benefiting children in Rome and it felt so good to be back onstage. This performance reminded me of how much I have missed interacting with the audience. I am really most excited about being back on tour.

Away from your own music, you’ve composed and scored motion picture soundtracks, guided by award-winning film-maker Jamal Joseph. For anyone who didn’t know this, can you share a couple of the films you’ve worked on? 

With Jamal Joseph, I wrote on different projects for Columbia University. I worked on “Bigger Than Life” which was directed by Marina Rocco (winner of the best soundtracks). I also wrote a few themes for Franco Zeffirelli under his guidance.

How does creating and scoring a soundtrack differ, if at all, from creating your own pieces for your own releases etc.?

Creating soundtracks takes me back in time, sometimes back a few centuries when music was mostly instrumental, and when artists of different kinds and philosophers were inspiring each other to create the most amazing music and literature that still belongs in our lives today, representing specific moments in our lives.

Writing scores put me in a meditative mode. I’m able to express the most intimate parts of myself without having to justify any specific choice I make. With pop music it’s quite different as there are many things to consider when you are delivering a message made of words. Think about it… per definition, music is the “art of the sound” made with two elements: harmony and melody. These two elements create a perpetual harmonic balance. Words can sometimes lead you to trouble.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Michael Buble and Sam Smith – how do you feel about that? Do you mind, or would you rather be seen as an artist in your own right? 

It’s an honor to be compared to these legends and to any artist that has accomplished their level of success and reach. I was lucky enough to have great seats at a Michael Bublé concert at the Staples Center and I do see a lot of similarities between us. 

Many are hoping this is the year that life as we once knew it finally begins to return to some long-lasting sense of normality. Even if it doesn’t, what are your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the months ahead? At a time of considerable hardship for everyone, how are you looking forward to a brighter, happier future, and wanting to share some of that positivity and optimism with the world?

“We Are The Power” and songs similar to this will drive my soul in 2022.  I want to make sure that my music reaches people, and I’m hopeful that opportunities present themselves throughout the world, such as this interview, which will help draw attention to my music. My music is full of passion and sound that I want to share with everyone in hopes of touching and helping them through a difficult situation or to just bring a smile to their heart.

Check out the video for “We Are The Power” above and for more information on Stefano, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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