Young thug He must have been a big fan of the “SimCity” video game series as a child… “because the small town he imagines feels like a great mini-metropolis.

So that’s the deal … the rapper turned 30 earlier this month, and among the wonderful gifts he brought in was 100 acres in the Atlanta metropolitan area … a gift from his manager to him. Happened Jeff Ogunreshi..

Member of the National Association of Realtors in Atlanta, Trey Williams, helped Jeff block the land transaction, and Young Thug planned to divide the property under the name Slime City. Trey talks to TMZ … YT wants to build a really nice house, a water park, maybe a campsite, etc.

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The young Thug wants to organize an annual “slime festival” on the site. So … “slime city”. YT organizes the “Slime Fest” every year. For obvious reasons, there is no 2020.

The tray says that Young Thug plans to set up a dirt bike trail on the premises … If you enjoy cycling or driving a four-wheeled vehicle, this is where you can loosen it up.

Tray says Young Thug already dismantled it with architects and engineers. There are some permits they are waiting for … but once they get the green light, it’s a game.

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This is just meant to be one way Young Thug wants to give back to the community. Most recently, the rapper bought his mother a new ATL home … and he plans to do the same for his father. How much YT fell on the lot … Trey doesn’t say anything.

Trey won’t talk about how YT will fund Slime City either. Either way … it sounds like Young Thug isn’t messing around when it comes to seeing it all bear fruit.

Slime City Young Sag’s plans include housing, water parks, and music festivals

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