Serj Tankian releases music video for 'Elasticity', the title track of the new EP

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has announced the release date of his new EP ‘Elasticity’ after announcing the release of the title track earlier this week.

Tankian’s highly anticipated EP, announced last May, will be released on March 19th via Alchemy Recordings.

The five tracks on ‘Elasticity’ were originally intended for a new System Of A Down album. However, Tankian said the band was unable to “look at eye level” and move the project forward.

“Since we couldn’t see the vision of a future SOAD album at eye level, I decided to release these songs under my name,” explained Tankian. The full track listing can be found below.

On the occasion of the announcement, Tankian shared a foretaste of the five-track deal (which he teased on Twitter on February 1st) and released the new single “Elasticity”. It also received a music video, directed by Vlad Kaptur, in which Tankian appears as a singing tattoo on the protagonist’s forearm.

Check it out below:

Tankian recently addressed the future of SOAD and said the band could “keep going when we’re on the same page”.

Elsewhere, the musician will be the subject of an upcoming documentary, Truth To Power, due out February 19, featuring interviews with SOAD, Rage Against the Machine, Rick Rubin, and others.

Serj Tankian’s EP tracklist ‘Elasticity’ reads:

1. “Elasticity”
2. “Your mother”
3. ‘Rumi’
4. “How often?”
5. ‘Electric Yerevan’