Harry Sheppard

Ryde Academy students celebrate their triumph in the dance (group) and music categories at the Festival of Remarkable Lives, hosted by Academies Enterprise Trust (AET).

With 58 elementary, secondary and special schools, AET is one of the largest academy trusts in the country. 33,000 young people from the entire AET school family qualified for the awards.

Chloe Neale and Yvie Partridge submitted a dance performance and the jury was impressed by the range of emotions that came through, the piece was also beautifully executed.

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In the music category, Harry Sheppard’s submission impressed the jury with its good tone, rhythm and melody.

For Daisy Gullen’s submission, the judges commented on how well she sang and kept a tune.

Recognizing all aspects of what it means to be “remarkable”, the festival is designed to celebrate previous year’s accomplishments and is an integral part of the trust’s ethos of inspiring students to live “remarkable lives”. The competition winners were announced on a live streaming show by Sam and Mark of CBBC.

Chloe Neale

Hilary Seaton, Head of Dance said:

“We are very pleased to have received this award two years in a row. Dance is such an integral part of our school community and it really enables our students to live remarkable lives. These two girls are role models for our school dance community – their discipline and passion is inspiring and they have both made extraordinary strides as dancers since they were in school 3 years ago.

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“This routine was choreographed virtually together, which shows how talented and committed they are in their craft. Both now represent Team England together with the Ryde Academy’s elite team at the World Finals of the Dance World Cup. Well done Yvie and Chloe – we are so proud of you!

“Winning the music competitions means everything to us as it recognizes and celebrates the talents of our students. We are so proud of them all. “

Rebecca Boomer-Clark, General Manager of AET, said:

“It is fantastic to see all the talent and imagination we have in our schools at AET – congratulations to all of our winners today, including the Ryde Academy students. The Remarkable Lives Festival is the highlight of the school year and is a great opportunity for us to celebrate the diversity of talent we have in our schools.

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“All children – and especially those from disadvantaged communities – deserve a rich education that is ambitious and prepares them for adulthood. This conviction is at the heart of the Remarkable Lives Festival, and I am excited to see how we can carry this momentum into a new school year after the summer break. “