Roosevelt - Polydans |  Album reviews

The pioneering electronic duo earlier this week Daft punk broke up and rekindled interest in timeless records like Discovery and Homework. But while their two enigmatic helmets may no longer be with us, their sound is everywhere: modern house music is still indebted to the French note, and no pop act worth its salt can resist going to the disco trying, since Get Lucky became the eternal sound of summer.

Roosevelt’s third album Polydans has a lot to do with Random Access Memories from 2013. Strangers is a perfect example of how a strutting disco groove has melodic toplines and Nile Rodgers-esque rhythm guitar, while Closer To My Heart puts it on with a romantic chord sequence and devoted lyrics (“You know forever that I long to be around / like never before, will show you / there is nothing more to fear “).


An admirable attempt at album sequencing botches the execution in half when Montjuic’s heady Retrowave build writes a check that the harmless Forget is unable to make money. If Montjuic had given himself 10 seconds to cool off, or perhaps a self-consciously bombastic introduction to Polydans, his presence would have been more congruent, but all is forgotten when the wordless vocal riff of See You Again effortlessly lifts the track up.

Lovers is adorable in its’ 80s pastiche, a slightly goofy synth lead and dramatic percussion that could be stolen Pet Shop Boys with the help of a time machine. Roosevelt’s delivery gives the track a low key charm, and a well-placed arpeggiator is the cherry on top for a highlight of the record.

Polydans is an airy journey through those sounds and styles we just can’t get enough of, and its groovy production and smooth songwriting are well received.