Rodriguez suggests naming NAMCYA a serious youth music program – Manila Bulletin

Rodriguez suggests naming NAMCYA a major youth music program - Manila Bulletin

The National Young Artist Music Competitions (NAMCYA) should be designated as a national youth development program in music in recognition of its role in developing young Filipino music artists and talent, and promoting Filipino music and culture.

This was suggested by Rufus Rodriguez, MP for the 2nd District of Cagayan de Oro City, who tabled House Bill No. 7818 to designate the NAMCYA as the premier music development program that involves the advancement, development and promotion of outstanding young Filipino people Musicians supported through grants, training, performances and other forms of incentives.

Rodriguez is the chair of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments.

“The bill aims to strengthen the NAMCYA and finance its operations,” he said in the explanatory statement for his bill.

He noted that NAMCYA was founded in 1973 under President’s Proclamation No. 1173 establishing the period from November 26th to December 2nd as the National Music Week for Young Artists to preserve, develop and promote Filipino music as an art and a maid of the cultural development.

“Since 1973, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), whose president sits as chair of the national committee that runs the competitions, has been the main sponsoring institution of the annual events,” said the chairman of the house.

“The annual competition is rigid. Competitors must win in the district, province, and then region to compete at the national level. They have to perform a range of works – classical and contemporary pieces as well as works by leading Filipino composers, ”said Rodriguez.

Under HB 7818, the NAMCYA is charged with establishing a training program for music directors, experts and teachers to maintain and maintain the highest standard of musical education for the youth, and to run an ongoing program of research, documentation and publication of Filipino music for dissemination in in school and in public.

The bill also mandates NAMCYA to expand economic opportunities for youth development through music development and diversification of programs that benefit public and private schools and the public. and subsidizing digital information systems to link the development and performance of creative works to develop culture.

Rodriguez’s Bill instructs the Cultural Center of the Philippines to provide NAMCYA with financial support, office space and free use of venues and facilities for competitions, festivals, productions and performances organized by NAMCYA.

It mandates the Ministry of Education (DepEd) and the Commission for Higher Education (CHED) to support the NAMCYA in identifying, selecting and training participants from the different regions of the country.

The measure authorizes the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to use its funds to train the participants and to organize local music competitions and festivals organized by NAMCYA.

Every donation, contribution, legacy and donation that can be made to NAMCYA in order to actually, directly and exclusively be used for charitable purposes is exempt from donation tax, according to HB 7818.

The measure provides for PTA 50 million funding to ensure that NAMCYA fulfills its roles and functions.