BEIJING: Pakistani students achieved top positions in music, language and photo competitions organized as part of the Second Silk Road and Young Dreams, an international youth exchange gala event.

Over 30 young Pakistani students from educational institutions in China and Pakistan participated in the competitions and elegantly displayed their talents during the three-day event.

Nearly 300 participants from 70 countries on five continents in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania attended the event, which was organized to welcome the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, due later this month.

The Pakistan Embassy College Beijing (PECB) students won five positions in the language, photography and music categories of the competitions.

Abdul Rehman, a talented and young student from PECB, took first place in the speech contest, while Islam Khallili and Thembekeli took third place in the photo contest.

Maaz Ali and Fareen Maharver were named third place winners in the music category.

Bilawal Khan, Istahsan Arshad, and Ronica Wilson, students from Superior College Lahore who were sponsored by their college

Take part in the competition and secure top slots in different categories of music competitions.

Cultural advisor Raheel Tariq, who provided Pakistani youth with a stage on which to shine with talent and potential at the second edition of Silk Road and Young Dreams, said most of the students who attended the event were studying in China while some participants came from Pakistan.

“We informed our students in China, particularly those in educational institutions in Beijing, about the event and invited them to participate,” he added.

At first they were hesitant to take part, but the Pakistani embassy fully encouraged them to take part in five categories, namely music, language, photography, art, and electronic gaming.

He praised the PECB young student who took first place in the speech contest, saying his success was the result of hard work and dedication alongside the efforts of his teachers and parents.

Raheel Tariq noted that the participation of Pakistani youth in the

The competition would further strengthen the cultural ties and promote contacts between the all-weather friends and the iron brothers.

“This international event also provided an opportunity for our youth to show their talent on an international level and introduce Pakistani culture to the international audience,” he added.

The holder of the first position, Abdul Rehman, said although he did not expect such a great victory and could only win the first position with the blessings of Allah Almighty, the prayers of his parents and the efforts of the teachers.

He gave a message to other Pakistani youth, emphasizing that reading, writing and practicing were the main ingredients for his success. He dedicated the award to his father and teachers.

Bilawal Khan, who was very excited after winning the trophy in the singing competition, said it was really an amazing experience to participate and perform with young talent from other countries.

“I also have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and several other countries to learn more about the music,” he added.

The event was organized by the Silk Road Cities Alliance, the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, the Beijing Belt and Road Cooperative Community, and the Chongyang Research Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China. More than 40 diplomats in China from Pakistan, Bahrain, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and the Maldives were in attendance to cheer their outstanding players.

The cultural workers, business leaders, media representatives and other distinguished guests also exchanged ideas to exchange knowledge and dreams.

Compared to the previous event, more participants took part in competitions this year. Based on the music, speech and photography from the previous event, three activities on sand painting creation, essay exchange and esports have been added this year.

At the end there was an award ceremony where winners, second-placed and third-placed winners in various categories of music, language, photography and sand painting competitions were awarded trophies and certificates.

Youngsters from different countries presented cultural performances to showcase their respective cultures and traditions. However, the Pakistani youth impressed the audience with their impressive musical performance and patriotic songs.