Nozstock music festival called off due to pandemic insurance issues

“The UK festival season as a whole remains in a very difficult position facing multiple challenges,” Nosworthy told the BBC, adding that “despite calls from the industry,” the government is not yet implementing and contributing to pandemic cancellation insurance must complete them.

The promoter had asked ticket holders to keep them for next summer instead of asking for a refund. Nosworthy also said some of the acts have been rebooked for this year’s Nozstock.

In April, the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) issued a statement warning that many music festivals would have to be canceled if the government did not decide to support travel cancellation insurance.

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The government responded to the statement, saying that it is “exploring what further assistance we can offer”.

The AIF is not alone; Musical performers have also asked the UK government to cover the cost of canceling live events. Artists like Jools Holland, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Johnny Marr, Sir Cliff Richard, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Amy McDonald, Frank Turner and Judas Priest have teamed up to convince the government to include insurance for music events would help revive the entertainment industry this summer.

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But with the state insurance plan still up in the air, there are fears that other events like Nozstock will continue to be canceled.

“Economically, we cannot move forward without this, especially given the daily increase in production costs and recent reports of an increase in cases and a possible delay in the roadmap,” said Nosworthy.