If you like the sound of rather ‘out there’ musicians like Thom Yorke, rising indie-pop artist Niagara Moon might be right up your alley. With a name inspired by a 70’s pop artist, Niagara is someone with an ethos of calm, balance, optimism and self-expression; things not always easy to find or share in difficult periods like the one we’re all living through right now.

His latest single “Bad Vibes” is, in Niagara’s own words: “A parody of paranoia. A satire of superstition. “Bad Vibes” explores how fear can lead to consuming misinformation. Current events being what they are, there’s a lot to get spooked over. And certain circles of the internet can make things feel even worse.”

In the tradition of such sardonic songwriters as Randy Newman and Father John Misty employing unreliable narrators to tell their stories, Niagara Moon – who has also recorded an album, Good Dreams, release date to be confirmed – sings from the perspective of one such addled yet well-intentioned citizen; a person just trying to help warn others to sell off their modems and microwaves.

The frazzled, what can only be described as manic, lyrics are complemented with equally fantastical, eccentric instrumentation; it’s unlikely you’ll have heard anything quite like the composition that makes up this track and, from the opening birdsong, plucky harpsichord, and “jazz-oohs” keyboard preset, the track quickly presents itself as not your typical drums-and-guitar indie-pop tune.

With sonic inspirations ranging from Pet Sounds to Nintendo soundtracks evident throughout it, “Bad Vibes” takes the listener on a journey through lush vocal harmonies, delicate strings, triumphant brass, and even an unexpected Kenny G-esque saxophone solo – the sharp, crisp sounds representing how creativity and optimism can and does – and often will – win out over fear-mongering.

Give “Bad Vibes” a listen below and for more information on Niagara Moon, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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By: Rebecca Haslam
Title: Niagara Moon Presents New Single “Bad Vibes”
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