New music from Bailey Waterhouse

A new version of Cher’s classic “Believe” will be released this Friday by Bailey Waterhouse of Mullingar.

The 23-year-old, who moved to Manchester four years ago to make a name for himself in the music industry, worked with producer Eric McKenna and singer Rachel English on the title.

“When I came from such a small town, I wanted to move to a bigger city that could help me find my way into music. It was a slow process, but I’m finally releasing music,” Bailey begins.

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer and publish music that emotionalises and at least influences people and of course makes Ireland proud. My inspirations come from all genres such as Sia, Cynthia Erivo and Little Mix, Luther Vandross, Niall Horan, Julia Michaels and many, many more.

“This is my first single that I’ve worked on with Eric McKenna, a 17-year-old Liverpool music producer, and my best friend Rachel English, who is originally from Waterford,” he explains.

“Myself and Rachel met through mutual friends earlier this year when we both hosted music competitions and our friendship began right away. Rachel is one of the most talented and motivated people I have ever met and who is so dedicated to success in music to have.

“I’ve sung in groups all my life so of course I love singing with other people. There’s a huge market in the industry for a mixed group and Rachel and I feel ready to begin our musical journey together We share the same passion, devotion, taste in music and be best friends at the same time.

“We support and encourage each other every day. We also write a lot of our own songs, so with the right guidance and help we would like to bring them to life and are open to all possibilities that arise.

“Rachel, Eric, and I decided we’d take a familiar song and make it completely our own, and I think we did. We all agreed on Cher’s classic Believe – a song everyone knows, so there is no excuse for people not to sing along! “

Believe will be published on all major platforms this coming Friday, November 13th at the following address: 3ric mck3nna ft Bailey Waterhouse and Rachel English – Believe. “