Name for functions: MAP Worldwide Music Competitors 2021

Call for applications: MAP International Music Competition 2021

The competition takes place in two sessions each year and is open to musicians and students of all nationalities and ages. It is divided into instrument categories such as piano, strings, wind instruments, vocals, and chamber music. Each instrument subject is graded in groups based on the age of the participants.

Competition format


Participants must visit the official MAP-IMC website and fill in the application form for the preliminary round heresubmitting a link to video recording their music performance. The competition accepts links to major global video websites, YouTube and Vimeo (contestants in mainland China can also upload videos to BiliBili or Youku).

The application deadline for the preliminary round is August 10.

Video requirements for qualifying from the preliminary round:

  • The entry video must have been created and uploaded within 12 months prior to the participant’s application deadline.
  • The recorded video must be carried out by the applicant. Apart from the accompanying parts, the video should not contain any loud background noise. The player’s face and the parts of the body with which the instrument is being played must be clearly visible in the video. Audio-only links are not accepted for this competition.
  • The videos of different pieces of music can be merged into a video link, but the video of a single piece of music cannot be edited and effects cannot be added.
  • The uploaded video link must be set up as “publicly visible”.
  • In the introductory or description column of the video link, the following content must be clearly indicated in English: MAP-IMC 2021, name of the participant, instrument category, age group, composer (s) and full name (s) of the work (s) .

Final (voluntary application based on an approved invitation)

  • Only the participants selected in the qualifying round (preliminary round) are entitled to advance to the final round.
  • Entrants who are allowed to advance will use the same work submitted during the preliminary round as content for the final round.
  • The selected finalists will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to apply for the finals. Email invitations will be sent out on the day the finalists are announced in the Contest Schedule section.

Applicants for the final must reply to the “Finalist Invitation Email” and include the following elements before the final application deadline to complete the final application process:

  • Final application form.
  • An electronic high quality personal photo.
  • A personal biography.
  • A scanned copy of an ID (such as a personal passport or ID card).
  • Proof of final payment of the registration fee on PayPal is listed on the official website of the competition.

“MAP-IMC aims to promote the healthy growth of young and professional musicians in the field of musical learning and performing,” said the organizers. “In addition, it encourages the participation of music educators with positive rules and promotes musical education with competitions. We believe that the competition benefits participants and their trainers and also provides them with an international platform to showcase their talents and help them build self-confidence. “

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