Music professor presents analysis on the advantages of singing throughout and after the well being disaster

Music professor presents research on the benefits of singing during and after the health crisis

October 27, 2020

Daniel Brouwer, Associate Professor of Rhetoric at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, was awarded the 2020 Department of Rhetoric and Communication Theory Faculty Mentor Award by the National Communication Association.

The award is presented annually and publicly recognizes “the considerable time and energy that certain teachers and researchers can invest in helping others succeed in our profession”.
Associate Professor Daniel Brouwer
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Brouwer has been nominated by a number of ASU alumni who are his former advisers. It was headed by Shuzhen Huang, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

“DR. Brouwer has a reputation for promoting diversity by serving students on the fringes,” said Huang. “He has shown sustained effort and care to help myself and other young academics succeed in our careers, in particular in historically underrepresented groups. He has also shown that he enables students to feel seen, recognized and validated. Like many of his advisors, my scientific path is heavily influenced by Dr. Brouwer who has served as an influential role model that I have want to be. ”

Roberta Chevrette, assistant professor at Middle Tennessee State University, also wrote a letter in support of Brouwer, saying his mentorship helped me find clarity and confidence in my own academic expression.

“Dan has not only looked after LGBT + students and faculties for a long time through his teaching, his scholarship and his service, but he has also made a significant contribution to increasing the visibility and inclusion within the entire discipline through his many years of activity as one of the founders and Co-organizers of NCAs encourage Queer No Host. ”

Chevrette added, “I always laugh when I think back on the first piece of work I got in theory class that kept scraping out foreign commas. At one point a comma seemed to have been scratched out so violently that the essay had a hole next to it, next to which was the written statement: “no comma”. While this moment in and of itself does not illustrate the actual substance, depth, and time that Dan puts into scientific mentoring, it does bring a smile to my face when I think of the attention to detail and subtle humor he brings to the task To help students learn to express themselves more clearly. This work extends well beyond the classroom into his close, careful work with his advisors as well as the numerous other graduate students and students on whose committees he served. ”

Michael Tristano Jr., an assistant professor at Towson State University, said Brouwer watched over the mental and emotional well-being of his counselors to remind them that they were being looked after.

“As a mentor, Dan is a patient listener,” he said. “He is very sensitive to performance dynamics and offers help and support in a way that makes people feel comfortable.” For example, the comments he made on the students’ work are always in a conversational style without implying the common hierarchy between professor and student, although such a friendly style usually means more work for him. ”

Paul Mongeau, professor and interim director of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, said, “Dan is an extremely fitting recipient. The time he spends with students is just extraordinary. It sets a very high bar that the rest of us aspire to. “

Brouwers Prize will be presented virtually on November 21 at the 106th annual NCA meeting.