Music review for the release of Jobbaloon’s album “The Invitation”.

Psychopop / indie rock duo Jobbaloon have released a really fascinating new album. “The Invitation” is entertaining, metaphysical, popular, beautifully produced, and full of dreamy ideas and extremely clever side effects.

The music is an epic mixture of sound fusions, rhythmic romp and melodic, lyrical meanders.

Music review for the release of Jobbaloon’s album “The Invitation”.

The album has beautiful, purposeful vocals, baroque and dramatic and exquisitely manipulated. This is an album of dark and slightly insane pop, but with an unexpected sweetness that denies its intricate themes.

“The Invitation” contains eight very imaginative, deeply sexy and utterly irresistible tracks. I don’t dare to make you addicted to the cheeky “intro”.

Oh, how I enjoy making music reviews of artists who don’t take themselves too seriously, even when it is clear that there is a level of artistry, craft, and thoughtfulness that we definitely should.

There’s a distinct 80s mood, the good 80s of course, the English 80s, none of the big-haired US rock stuff.

Jobbaloon has created a summer soundtrack that is full of adorable, sweetly sung fear. complete with a brilliant video for their single “Days”.

It’s all wonderfully cinematic, littered with soundtracks and haunting harmonies … love, love, love it !!!!

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Joshua Achatz – writer / producer / guitarist / pianist / singer


Joshua Achatz and Justin Squires


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