Music review of Blake Red’s latest single, “Follow Me”. Atmospheric old rock with 80s flair … feels like summer in LA!

Blake Red’s beautiful vocals, crashing drums, spiraling harmonies and the dark, piercing guitar crave longing and pinning and are gently broken. She has a hoarse, deep voice from Kim Wilde … and a passing resemblance too. But “Follow Me is definitely darker, less pop, more fearful.

Music review of Blake Red’s latest single, “Follow Me”.

Changing melodic pauses, simple message, full of sadness and regret, an absolutely perfect song to watch the sunset on a lonely beach. Then the guitar crashes in with walls of overwhelming regret and intense longing. Brilliant!!!!

“Follow Me” is a song for wearing black leather and ripped popular jeans that you stole from an old lover when you left him tearful and wistful. Not that I have any direct experience or anything.

It’s a great song, wonderfully sung. Tight, focused production and meaningful, heartbreaking lyrics. That means something to Blake. You can tell by the reluctance and the buried pain in her voice. So Kim Wilde with a shot of Shirley Manson.

Either way she did something for herself here and a truly iconic track for the capricious, treacherous times we find ourselves in … we loved it !!!! More please!

Musician: Blake Red (all instruments)
Produced by: Blake Red

Music review of Blake Red’s latest single, “Follow Me”.

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