Francis of Delirium, featuring Chris Hewett and songwriter Jana Bahrich officially released their second single, ‘Circles’ on 30 March 2020. Photo: Patricia Marets

Francis of Delirium and Tuys both have excellent new songs out.

While artists from the Grand Duchy continue to perform ad hoc live shows from their living rooms or home studios via the “Live aus der Stuff” or “Crazy Quarantine Sessions” platforms, two local bands have just released brand new recorded material.

The Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium officially released their second single “Circles” on March 30th. Songwriter Jana Bahrich, who is only 18 years old, explains that the title of the song is somehow related to her life in Luxembourg – she has the feeling that she physically crosses the country in circles while cycling and figuratively turns in circles while she is the challenges internally goes through the youth.

“On a personal level, it felt like every aspect of my life was giving in to this circle,” says Bahrich. She says the new song is about “the first time you really like someone and then it ends and you don’t know if that sadness will ever go away because you’ve never experienced it before. At the end of the song there is that light and the desperate claw when you try to pull yourself back and out of the circle. ”

Listen to ‘Circles’ here:

Frances of Delirium, who has now signed with Dalliance Recordings, will release the debut EP ‘All Change’ on May 22nd. The new single is a continuation of the crisp debut “Quit Fucking Around”.

In the meantime, the Dudelange Quartet Tuys has released the first of a series of songs entitled “A Curtain Call For Dreamers”. The first release, ‘Papaya’, saw the light of day on March 20th on Berlin’s Revolver Records.

Watch the video for ‘Papaya’ here:

The band had planned a launch party in Rotondes on April 20th before the second single in the series was released. However, this was postponed due to the measures to block the coronavirus. The complete series will appear in September.

Also new is a reworking of the Them Lights track “Yesterday” by Ryvage, also known as producer Samuel Reinard. The original was released in 2018 by Them Lights, Mutiny’s solo project through bounty drummer Sacha Hanlet.

Look here:

Also fresh on YouTube is a song by the local rock band Ptolomea called “Time Has Come”, which was recorded by Tom Gatti at Unison Studios. The song comes from their “Maze” EP. The band, led by Priscila Da Costa, was due to release the EP at the Rockhal on March 13th, the day bars, restaurants and public venues closed. Check out the video here.