Music review for Sophia Treadway’s single “I’m Good” and video.

Sophia Treadway has been a brilliant aspiring artist since knocking judges down in her first talent contest when she was five! After she won the national IPOP competition for her age group, Sophia met her producer Marc Williams of Indasoul Entertainment. The rest is history.

For a young artist, Sophia Treadway has many more years than most experience as a performer. Her beautiful singing has developed into her unique, soulful and sweetly strong voice with the help of renowned vocal trainer Bob Westbrook.

Music review for Sophia Treadway’s single “I’m Good”.

“I’m Good” is the type of song this Latina / American should be singing. Pop but soulful, catchy but meaningful, commercial but with a message for all of us.

Basically, it’s a girl who tells a man not to confuse her, that she is “good” with or without him. If only this message could land more often!

The video is chic and cinematic, perfect for the song, purposeful, stylish, addicting. Sophia reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera and “I’m Good” is her “Genie in a Bottle”. This is Sophia’s four-single release and she already has quite a following.

“I’m Good” is sure to expand its audience and is absolutely perfect for the summer when all young hearts are broken and we need songs like this the most.

We’re all crammed together for so long that we have to go out and dance, fall in love, and know when it’s right and when it’s wrong. “I’m Good” is such a great female anthem. Guys always think that they are irreplaceable … shocker! Let us remind them that we are all “good” without them.

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