MGP winner TIX speaks to the Norwegian press about bad reviews

Andreas Haukeland – better known as TIX – won this year’s Melodi Grand Prix with an outstanding score of 380,033 votes with “Fallen Angel”. For some, the victory of the 27-year-old from Bærum came as a surprise. Now TIX has commented on the criticism that his song was exposed to in the Norwegian press.

The public had already welcomed TIX’s MGP entry very much. For over a month, “Ut av mørket” – the Norwegian version of “Fallen Angel” – was the most streamed MGP entry. A week before the final of the Norwegian selection, the song reached number 3 on the VG list, Norway’s most important music chart.

Music critics in major Norwegian news agencies initially valued the song less. TIX received a score of one on the dice, two from VG on the dice from critics of Dagbladet and NRK. A “one on the dice” is the lowest score generally given by reviewers in Norway.

One NRK journalist wrote that Haukeland had “strengthened its position as the epicenter of the country’s low musical culture in recent years”. A reviewer from Dagbladet went further and wrote that if his song won the Melodi Grand Prix final, he would eat TIX’s headband in a bed from the broken pieces of his sunglasses. The reviewer called “Fallen Angel” a “helpless song”.

TIX speaks for itself after bad reviews

In the week before the final of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix, TIX spoke to TV2 and called the reviews “public bullying”. The now Eurovision 2021 star then said:

“There is a delicate balance between satire and bullying (…). I think it’s stupid that both adults and teenagers read music reviews where the text obviously contains bullying. It sends a signal that it is okay to talk about other people like that. “

After winning the Melodi Grand Prix, TIX again turned its attention to the ratings. To Dagbladet, the singer-songwriter said he hoped the reviewers would learn a lesson:

“Of course you should think about music a little, but I hope we can be a little more careful with what we say. Words are not always just words. “

It was already clear during his last performance at the MGP final that the ratings did not harm TIX. Then he was seen with a cube showing you on all sides.

After winning the Norwegian selection, hitmaker “Fallen Angel” changed his biography on Instagram to include “number one on the dice, number one on the people”. Many Thanks!”.

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