Melbourne based music collective Worker & Parasite unveils new single

They’ll be releasing the single next Friday in the Cactus Room.

The Naarm / Melbourne based music collective Worker & Parasite has released a new single “Manifest Destiny” together with a film clip to go with it.

The track was recorded earlier this year and is the third single from Worker & Parasite, following their 2020 debut “Crisis” and the second single “Realpolitik”.

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“Manifest Destiny” envisions a post-capitalist world in which society is free from “impure beings” and everyone lives in perfect harmony. The choir explains that it is up to us to manifest this fate.

In terms of sound, the track begins with a funky bassline, shimmering synthesizers and rhythmic vocal performance, which meanders into your ears with a repetitive formula.

But just when you think you’ve got the track under control, it gets out of hand, introducing robot chants and fuzz-out guitars as it dissolves into utter chaos.

Worker & Parasite will be performing ‘Manifest Destiny’ in the Cactus Room on Friday August 13th to a sold out audience.

Watch the Manifest Destiny movie clip below.

‘Manifest Destiny’ is out now. For more from Worker & Parasite, follow them on Instagram or check out their bandcamp.