Marist college students share their concern or enthusiasm for the Governors Ball Music Pageant – MARIST CIRCLE

Marist students share their concern or enthusiasm for the Governors Ball Music Festival - MARIST CIRCLE

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City was canceled in 2020, but the lineup for 2021 has just been announced, along with the new location of their event – Citi Field in Queens. Some Marist College students believe it may be too early to gather in such crowds again, but others are ready to buy their tickets.

“It’s the opportunity for people to share and participate in art and community,” said Orla Haughey ’22. “It’s a celebration of the human spirit.”

Since 2011, this three day event has brought hundreds of people together to celebrate pop music from top artists. After the Governors Ball was pushed back from the traditional first weekend in June, it is scheduled to take place from September 24th to 26th.

Olivia Dire ’23 plans to buy her ticket soon. “I would go 150%,” said Dire. “I think we’ve been protected for way too long and I think this would be one of the great ways to get everyone out and socialize and get back to normal life.”

On the other hand, some are not that eager. “I’ve always wanted to go, but I feel like this isn’t the year I’ll be doing it,” said Jenny Bradford in ’21.

Similarly, Kelsey McCullough said in ’23, “I would be a little nervous to go this year. I think it’s a little early. Although people are being vaccinated, I don’t know how safe it would be to bring everyone together in such an area. I think it should be pushed back even further, maybe until 2022. ”

However, her friend disagreed. “I would definitely go. I think the majority of people will be vaccinated in September, ”said Daniela Lerga. “I think a lot of colleges require their students to be fully vaccinated when they come back in the fall and that the majority of the people who go to the festival are college students, so most of the people there would be vaccinated. I would feel absolutely safe. “

With artists like Billie Eilish, A $ AP Rocky and Post Malone tickets sell out fast. However, according to the Governors Ball website, it has not yet been decided what may or may not be required on the day of the show.

There are a few thousand new cases in New York every day, making COVID-19 a current risk. However, most people agreed that it was time to live again.

“We’ve been scared of this virus for a while and with the vaccines, I think this is a time when we should all at least make an effort to be outside,” Declan Leonard told ’24. “This will definitely show how, hey we’re strong and we’ll get through.”

Haughey believes this music festival could actually be a good thing. “I think it’s kind of a destination for people and I look forward to helping them comply with many of the rules and regulations that we currently have. It’s a reminder that this won’t last forever. “

Even though Shea Thomson said in the sophomore year, “I would go 100% this year,” she still says that people need to show proof of vaccination in order to attend. Bradford and Haughey also said that vaccination should be mandatory for participants, while Dire, McCullough and Lerga felt that masks were sufficient.

All in all, Marist students are ready to return to the festival scene. After over a year of Covid-19, people are eager for a touch of normalcy. While some disagree on whether it is a little early and whether the vaccine should be required to attend, the Governors Ball Music Festival offers a slice of hope and excitement over that for those who are at home and staying at home what once was.