What would you do if you had the chance to work with one of your musical heroes? It’s a daunting question aspiring singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone had to ask last year when she went into the studio with The 1975’s Matty Healy to record her latest single, “Please Don’t Leave Just Yet.” A glowing number that has all the hallmarks of the Manchester four-piece sound, on which Humberstone’s serious vocals are supported by skeletal synth patterns, throbbing bass effects and cavernous reverb.

And ‘Please Don’t Leave Yet’ isn’t the only thing the duo have worked on together. Humberstone revealed to NME backstage at the Reading Festival that the two were working on more new material: songs together, so something might come out in the future … “

When asked about the differences in their relationship with Healy compared to previous collaborators, Humberstone said, “I think there is a big difference between working with other writers who only write and then working with people [like Matty] who wear their hearts on their sleeves every day when they come to the studio to write about everything they feel. “

Photo credit: Emma Viola Lilja

Over the next few months, the 21-year-old will focus on working on her aforementioned debut album, which will follow last year’s extraordinary debut EP “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” (which received the full five-star rating from NME received). and it’s the upcoming sequel, The Ways Are Way Too Thin, slated to be released this November.

“For me an album is a really daunting thought. It’s so scary to be done with my debut album and have so much work to do and it’s all final – so I think it’s going to take a while [before it’s released]”She says.” I’ve had a lot of time now to just experiment and try different things and enjoy writing without pressure.

“I have a lot of music that I look forward to so much – but I don’t think I ever feel like it’s finished as I get bored of my work pretty quickly. At some point I just have to say, ‘That’s it. I just bring it out ‘- and then I can forget about it and start with the next new thing … “

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