House Panels OK Act to Promote Filipino Music and Talent

At least three House Committees approved an action aimed at promoting Filipino music and supporting and developing Filipino musical talent.

The Committee on Ways and Means endorsed House Bill (HB) 7817, or “An Act Designating the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NMCYA) as the National Youth Development Program for Music,” which was endorsed by the Appropriation and Sport Committees Development.

The measure was drafted by Deputy Speaker and Cagayan De Oro 2nd District MP Rufus Rodriguez. He said it tries to “encourage young artists who excel in music”. [competitions] and [performances] to preserve, develop and promote Filipino music as an art. “

“It also aims to attract young artists in the [fields] from choral singing, piano, chamber music, family ensemble and native instruments, “added Rodriguez.

Under HB 7817, competitions would be “rigid” as participants must compete at the district, provincial and regional level in order to qualify for the national event. You would have to perform a variety of pieces, including classical and contemporary, as well as works by renowned Filipino consumers.

The bill mandates the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), which Rodriguez said was the main sponsor of National Week for Young Artists, to support the NMCYA-run competitions and festivals, among other things. It is also charged with issuing the implementing rules and regulations.

In addition to the CCP, the National Commission for Art and Culture is also responsible for providing financial, technical, scientific and research-related support.

Other government agencies such as the Department of Education (DepEd), the Higher Education Commission (CHED), and the Department of Home Affairs and Local Government (DILG) will help identify, select and train participants at various levels, Rodriguez said.

“Government companies and the private sector are encouraged to donate to fund NMCYA activities. Donations would be exempt from donation tax and can be deducted from gross income,” the legislature said.