Footscray's highly anticipated live music series West Set is postponed to August

West Set in Footscray will have 14 venues with more than 60 acts.

Footscray, West Set’s winter live music series is now taking place in August, with organizers rescheduling the series based on health announcements.

The West Set was originally supposed to take place over nine days in June, starting Thursday June 10th with 14 Footscray locations and more than 60 acts, but now from Thursday August 19th through Sunday August 29th.

What you need to know

  • West Set has been postponed due to the current COVID situation in Victoria
  • The series will now run from Thursday, August 19 to Sunday, August 29
  • Artists who will perform include Angie McMahon, Joelistics, Soju Gang, Kee’ahn, Jazz Party, June Jones and many more

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Even if the lockdown is lifted this week, restrictions are unlikely to revert to pre-existing levels, which means West Set’s goal of helping restore local eateries in the city of Maribyrnong will be scaled back.

In addition, the safety of its artists, venues and viewers is a top priority for West Set.

“The West Set Music Festival aims not only to showcase artists, but also to attract visitors to our city to boost our local business. While it is unfortunate that the current COVID climate has affected the original dates, rescheduling means we can continue to support our dealers when the current restrictions are lifted, “said Cr Michael Clarke, Mayor of Maribyrnong City Council , in a statement.

“We are also there for our local artists, who are among the first to be affected and the last to return after a lockdown, and will look for other opportunities for further programs to support our artist community.”

Venues participating in this year’s series of events include Baby Snakes, Hotel Westwood, Kindred Studios, Sloth Bar, Littlefoot, Jambo, The Cheeky Pint, Small French Bar, Corner 90, Pride of our Footscray, Footscray Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Bluestone Church, and counterbalanced vinyl.

As for West Set’s lineup, there are such as Angie McMahon, Joelistics, Soju gear, Kee’ahn, Jazz party, Cool out sun, Jess Ribeiro, June Jones, and more will hit the stages in Footscray for the series.

West Set is now running Thursday 19th August through Sunday 29th August. Follow West Sets Facebook, Instagram and website for more updates.