'Everybody Knows': The new podcast examines sexual abuse in the Australian music industry

Words from Kate Streader

The five-part series is hosted by award-winning journalist Ruby Jones.

Schwartz Media launches a new investigative podcast investigating the rise and fall of the Me Too movement in Australia and allegations of harassment, abuse and assault in the Australian music industry.

The five-part series will air on Wednesday, April 1st.

What you need to know

  • The first episode of Everybody Knows starts on Wednesday September 1st
  • The podcast will be available on all major streaming platforms
  • The five-part series is moderated by the award-winning journalist Ruby Jones

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The five-part series, titled Everybody Knows, will follow a similar structure to Jones’ popular Schwartz Media podcast, 7am, except that it features long episodes rather than bite-sized reports.

The podcast will feature in-depth interviews with some of the key figures in the Me Too movement in Australia to see how archaic laws and boys’ club cultures work to protect offenders.

“This series is an exploration of the downside of the Australian music industry, the harassment, abuse and misogyny that has thrived there for years. But my investigation doesn’t stop there, ”Jones said.

“I want to know why so little has changed for women in Australia four years after Me Too. How the law, journalistic failure, and a “boys will be boys” culture have made it impossible to talk about abuse. How is it that everyone knows about the crimes committed and yet nothing changes? “

Listen to the Everybody Knows trailer below.

Everybody Knows starts on Wednesday September 1st. More information can be found here.