Live music festivals are back in Burlington at 54.40 and the Tokyo Police Club

It’s been a long time since most people went to a live show.

The Sound of Music Festival ends its Return to Live series on August 28th and 29th with two days of concerts under the heading Tokyo Police Club and 54.40pm. The event for all ages takes place at the Burlington Center and features a number of new features designed to keep people safe.

Myles Rusak, executive director of the Sound of Music Festival, said the live music industry has been badly hit by the pandemic and this is having a devastating effect on the many people who make a living filling the jobs that make a concert a success to lead.

“We are a community organization and we just felt it was our duty to help in any way we could so these people could get back to work and show Burlington and Halton and Canada that we are not going to just wash our hands and” sit back and drive it off. If we have the opportunity to do a performance and give these people work, we will, ”said Rusak.

Probably the most notable change to this show is that the event will take place in the Burlington Center. The city of Burlington has not yet lifted its state of emergency, which means that the city property that the organization normally uses for events is not available.

The change of location has made a number of modernizations possible, which also have the advantage of being a pandemic-friendly measure. In particular, orders for food and drinks are processed via an app that enables people to select their items and have them delivered to them.

“If you want to order a pizza from East Side Marios, use the app and it will be delivered to the venue. And when you want to order a beer, use the app and it will be brought to you. We’re trying to do the best we can to protect everyone as well as possible, ”said Rusak.

Initial experiences with the new ordering system have been positive, and Rusak said some of the new innovations are likely to persist after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

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