Doyang Rhythms: 2 days of food and music by Nagaland's largest river

Kohima: The Acoustic Club Wokha, in cooperation with the Task Force for Music and Art (TaFMA), is organizing “Doyang Rhythms: Music by the Lake” on April 23rd and 24th in the resort near the Doyang River.

During a visit to Doyang, Nagaland’s longest and largest river, on Saturday, TaFMA advisor Theja Meru said that TaFMA is making all plans to expand its activities in line with the prime minister’s vision.

“Doyang is the crown jewel of Nagaland. And ‘Doyang Rhythms: Music by the Lake’ is a small beginning to tell the world about this treasure that Nagaland has, ”he said.

Doyang is the state’s longest and largest river, flowing from Japfu, Nagaland’s second highest peak, and flowing north through Kohima, Zunheboto, and Wokha districts.

Meru said the TaFMA will focus on music events that will have an economic impact and provide various platforms for the state musicians to grow. In this regard, he exuded confidence that music festivals and musicians make a significant contribution to the local economy.

Citing the world-famous festival for electronic dance music Tommorowland in Belgium and the popular South Korean boy band BTS, which contributed significantly to the growth of the local economy, Meru was optimistic for the state.

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He said TaFMA sees great potential for economic activity and opportunity for Naga musicians and all other businesses associated with such music festivals.

“TaFMA is excited to support the event with the hope that it will become a major festival in the years to come and, like other music festivals, make a significant contribution to the local economy and the growth of arts and industries,” he added.

Acoustic Club President Nzanbemo Patton said it would be a dream come true for Wokha musicians to hold such an event. He recognized the TaFMA for its support and encouragement and hoped that Wokha would become a music center offering career opportunities to the younger generation.

He announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a maximum of 150 to 200 spectators are expected.

Mhademo Enni, the district partner and coordinator of the TaFMA, praised the TaFMA for reaching the grassroots level by giving the musicians tools and opportunities to build capacity.

He said that suitable facilities for the Doyang Festival are available at the campsites and that security is being provided with the help of the district administration, the SDRF and the police. Tents to rent, food stalls, washrooms and other essentials would also be available.

While the heat screening is in progress, it appealed to anyone wishing to attend the music event to wear masks and hand sanitizer.

Hovithal Sothu, project manager of TaFMA, shared his enthusiasm for the event “Music at the lake for Nagaland”. He thanked all stakeholders who had partnered with TaFMA to initiate the event.