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LOS ANGELES – The Breakaway Music Festival has officially announced its three upcoming fall dates, and organizers announced today that everyone will have an NFT component.

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is based on blockchain technology and is one of the hottest trends as musicians and other artists get into the cryptocurrency, such as the recent release of the album Kings of Leon.

The organizers called themselves the “leading college touring festival in the country” and said in a press release that the Breakaway Festival “will be offering limited ticket bundles as part of the first sale for the events … which is an exclusive NFT for contain.” the first 500 fans to buy tickets in advance. “

According to the organizer, the NFT is animated.

To make it accessible to everyone, fans can purchase the NFT using their debit and credit cards.

Festival dates:

27.-28. August – Breakaway Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in Belknap Park.

3rd-4th September – Breakaway Ohio in Columbus, Ohio at the historic Crew Stadium

1-2. October Breakaway Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina at Charlotte Motor Speedway

All pre-sales begin Thursday, April 8th at 1:00 p.m. ET.

According to the publication, the subsequent 500 fans who purchase tickets will also be able to purchase an NFT for a nominal fee of $ 1.99.

In 2021, the Breakaway Music Festival will make an NFT (non-fungible token) available for pre-sale for its three shows this fall. The shows will take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 27-28. September 3-4 in Columbus, Ohio; and October 1-2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. All pre-sales begin Thursday, April 8th at 1:00 p.m. ET.Photo courtesy of Breakaway Music Festival

“The NFT pre-sale ticket package makes the Breakaway Festival one of the first live music festivals to offer NFTs as part of its pre-sale offer,” the press release said.

The package was made possible through a partnership between Tixr, a next generation ticketing company, and Fanaply, a company specializing in official NFTs.

“This collaboration between Breakaway, Tixr and Fanaply enables music fans to get into the NFT craze with their credit or debit cards without having to buy cryptocurrency,” the press release said.

Ticket prices and other information can be found at

The technology enables the fast delivery of NFTs to ticket buyers and, according to the organizers, opens a new distribution channel for digital goods in limited editions.

“As one of the co-founders of the first ever crypto-based music festival (Our Music Festival – 2018), we are excited to be back on the cutting edge of technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency and music,” said Adam Lynn, Prime Social Group and Breakaway Co-Founder.

“This partnership between Tixr, Fanaply and Breakaway will set the standard for NFTs and live events. We’re excited to give Breakaway’s die-hard fans the opportunity to own a piece of history. “

Breakaway is known for bringing acts like Travis Scott, Diplo, Halsey, Zedd, Migos, Odessa, Future, Khalid, Twenty One Pilots, Wiz Khalifa and others to the secondary / college market at affordable prices.

Three festivals and one international experience will be held here in 2021 (Breakaway Beach, Cancun).

Six to ten festivals and a college tour are planned under a breakaway banner in 2022.

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