Bloodworks Northwest Partners with New Music's In Our Blood Campaign

Bloodworks Northwest is partnering with KEXP, Sub Pop Records, Starbucks, and the local music community on Music’s In Our Blood to use music’s ability to foster connections to create awareness of the critical need for blood.

Bloodworks Northwest is hosting the through December Music is in our blood Campaign with the aim of attracting 10,000 new donors by the end of the year.

The demand for blood has never been so high and the supply is at one of the lowest levels in recent history. To replenish the shelves, Bloodworks Northwest is working with its partners to share the voices of musicians, artists and DJs who have stories of impact and how donating blood has positively impacted their lives. The four-month blood donation campaign also includes music festivals, concerts, community events, social media engagement, and incentives to attract new blood donors, including Starbucks gift cards and a raffle for one of four music-centric getaways.

“Music is a necessary life force, just like the blood that runs through our bodies,” said Megan Jasper, CEO of Sub Pop Records. “By harnessing the power of music, we harness the power of community. Donating blood is one of the easiest things we can do to save a life in our community. “

Seattle rockers and sub-pop artist Mudhoney are big supporters of Music’s in Our Blood. Bassist Guy Maddison is also the Harborview Emergency Room Doctor and knows firsthand the importance of having enough locally donated blood.

“Blood donors are critical to getting the best possible care for the sickest patients,” says Maddison. “When you donate blood, you are helping someone live another day. Having the opportunity to combine my roles as an emergency room nurse and a musician to educate people about the real need for blood donors is important to me and our community. “

The Music’s In Our Blood campaign will be launched during Daydream State’s DAY IN • DAY OUT music festival on September 4th and 5th at the Seattle Center – to raise awareness of the campaign by teaching attendees about the importance and ease of the Blood donation. This two day outdoor festival will feature performances by Kaytranada, Chvrches, Big Wild, Aminé, Travis Thompson and others and will bring the local music community together. You can find more information about the festival at

“After an incredibly difficult year for artists, fans and our local creative community, we are excited to end the summer with a new festival platform while working with influential organizations like Bloodworks Northwest to keep our city thriving,” said Daydream State Executive Director Jason Lajeunesse.

KEXP Lunchtime DJ Cheryl Waters, a cancer survivor, says she owed her life to donors who have assured that enough blood is available for transfusions related to her cancer treatment.

“The partnership between KEXP and this campaign feels very natural,” says Waters. “I have personally benefited from a blood transfusion more than once and the impact it has had on my life is extraordinary. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the community we have built at KEXP that we share this information and bring people together through these experiences. “

Only 38% of the population are eligible to donate blood based on health, age and other key factors. Because of this small pool of eligible donors, Bloodwork Northwest and the musicians participating in the Music’s in Our Blood campaign are encouraging those who can to donate blood regularly. In Washington and Oregon, 1,000 donors are needed every day to keep the blood supply safe and reliable. It doesn’t take much for supplies to drop – a blizzard, a tragedy, a heat wave can bring them back to unsafe levels. For more information on eligibility, see

“We’re excited to be working with so many greats who have shaped the Northwest music community to raise awareness of our urgent need for new blood donors,” said Curt Bailey, President and CEO of Bloodworks Northwest. “Music flows through us all, like the blood that runs through our veins, the same blood that our local hospitals need to support people in critical situations, the same blood that saves lives. The love and passion we all have for music is the same love and passion we should have for donating blood. “

Over the next four months, the campaign expects a large number of artists as well as fans and the general public to gain momentum and participation. In addition to Daydream State, organizations, artists, and DJs who have already committed to securing blood donors include KEXP and DJs John Richards, Cheryl Waters, Larry Mizell Jr, Reeves Richards, Morgan Chosnyk, and Kennady Quille; Sub Pop Records and Sub Pop artists Frankie Cosmos, Guerilla Toss, J Mascis, Lael Neal, Loma, Low, Mudhoney, TV Priest and Yuno, The Vera Project ( – a non-profit organization for all ages dedicated to promoting personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-oriented engagement in music and art, The Residency ( – a strong community of young hip-hop artists, Black Fret (, SMASHED ( – Providing free and very affordable medical, dental and psychiatric services to local musicians, as well as Marshall Hugh and the Marshall Law Band ( – inspired by the street demonstrations after the assassination of George Floyd.

Music’s In Our Blood includes a competition component. Bloodworks is giving away four Fly Away Music weekend getaways to four lucky donors. Anyone who donates blood from September 1st to October 31st will automatically be entered into a three-day weekend to see headline artists at an iconic venue in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York or Miami. Prices include airline tickets, hotel accommodation and event tickets for two people. See official rules.

For more information on Music is in our blood, upcoming events, the competition and the appointment of a blood donation, please visit