John Course for Flow Music

Words from Lucas Radbourne

Flow Music founder Corr Piccone talks about celebrating the crucial milestone with the legendary Australian producer.

Flow Music and its Australian-facing subsidiary, 333 Sessions, rose from the disruption of the pandemic to become a mainstay and a major supporter of the Australian electronic music scene.

Corr Piccone runs Flow Music, a media company and record label based in Melbourne and Byron Bay, with his two sons Chay and Jai Piccone (from the band Tora). They have brought the best extended electronic mixes from Australian and international producers to grateful ears around the world.

Flow Music has been celebrating 100 mixes and more than 2,220,000 streams since it was founded 18 months ago and thus not only offers an important advertising boost for the ailing industry, but also a booming platform to put established and emerging DJs and producers in the spotlight.

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“When the festivals ended, I realized that the artists would be badly affected, so we started flow sessions to create a new outlet for creativity during the worldwide lockdowns,” says Piccone.

“Our concept was to host mixes of three hours and thirty-three minutes that were inspired by iconic festival sets.”

Why 3:33? “I’ve always been obsessed with the number 333,” explains Piccone. “When I see this number, I immediately feel like I’m on the right track at the right time. To me, 333 represents the universe sending you positive energies, so hug it. We’re the only long format mix series in the world and 3:33 seemed like the perfect length to allow artists to express themselves and to use the time during lockdown to let their creativity run free.

“Then we decided that after that second lockdown hit we wanted to do something specifically for Australian and Melbourne artists, so we started 333 sessions. We get 100 mixes, that’s 35, 333 sessions and 65 flow sessions. The Flow Sessions series is a mix of Australian and International, while the 333 session mixes are all Australian. We wanted to be able to present more Australians because for many of them it was a stroke of luck to have their own mix series as a creative outlet. “

333 Sessions has proven to be a resounding success and matches the popularity of Flow’s international mixes. His groundbreaking popularity against all odds makes John Course a natural fit for the 100th Milestone Edition. Course is a legendary Australian producer who continues to play a central role in building the ever-evolving reputation of Australian electronic music.

“Course is an Australian legend,” continues Piccone. “We look up to John Course – famous for his work at the Ministry of Sound. Flow Music is currently curating its own playlist on Spotify called ‘Flow Suggests’. “

While 100 mixes on Soundcloud have given Flow Music a fantastic foundation, this is just the beginning, according to Piccone. Flow Music founded a label of the same name and recently signed a distribution agreement with Melbourne’s Xelon Digital to further expand their reach.

Ashley Gay, Managing Director of Xelon, said Flow Music was one of the most important positive aspects of the global hiatus: “The current era has produced some amazing positive effects and flow sessions are no exception as they are a great opportunity for artists and DJs to have while they’re all entertaining by us in lockdown, ”he said. “With Flow Music as a label, we at Xelon are pleased to expand the label and the profile of the participating artists on all global platforms.”

By combining Flow Music from a record label and a thriving music media publication,, Piccone aims to be able to forge a thriving electronic community and use the blog as a promotional tool for artists involved in the label and mix series Connected.

“The three of us are Flow Music,” says Piccone. “My sons Chay, Jai, and I each own 33% of the company – so our business is really 333 oriented – and we intend to build a community and treat our artists as family.

“There are so many great Australian acts that have always been performed in smaller lyrics on the festival lineups and it doesn’t make sense.” One of the perks of the travel restrictions is that festivals in Australia currently book 90% local artists, which gives them the headlining notoriety they deserve.

“After living here for 30 years, I believe that the unique Australian festival culture is something everyone should experience. The magic that happens there is incredible and we want to support the artists who create these unforgettable moments on the dance floor until the festival season returns and beyond. “

Check out the Flow Music website here and listen to their mixes on Soundcloud here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.