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On December 12th, Rochester’s garage rock quartet Anamon gave listeners a kind of Christmas present – a pair of songs that can be streamed and downloaded for free. After “My Baby Left Me” and “Bad Subtraction” hadn’t heard much from the band since the beginning of the pandemic, they sound like visiting an old friend again.

Both songs fly by briskly when dealing with loss and heartbreak, but the contrast between the two makes the pairing as good as it works. With only 91 seconds, “My Baby Left Me” is a muddy rock’n’roll in which the singer and guitarist Ana Monaco projects cool indifference.

While the brevity and bouncing boast of the first song suggest that the pain is denied and rejected after a breakup, “Sad Subtraction” has a more emotional “heart-on-the-sleeve” with its guitar overdrive and driving drums – Feeling and Monaco sings: “Is there less of me because you want more of me?”

All in all, the music only lasts five minutes, but it’s more than enough to make you wonder what we’re going to hear from Anamon next.

Daniel J. Kushner is the music editor of CITY. He can be reached at

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