Romanian electro-pop sensation Adrian Sina and the band Akcent already have a wealth of fans in Pakistan. With his latest antics, he only expands the existing fan base. The singer-songwriter was seen boasting a kurta at a European music festival, The Current reported.

In a Facebook post, Sina confirmed that the kurta actually came from Pakistan, as fans speculate. “Setting new trends with my beautiful Pakistani kurta at a YouTube music event in Europe,” said Sina, he wore the Pakistani garment as a style statement and not just as a homage to Pakistan. He was just trying to set a new fashion trend.

This is not the first time the Romanian singer has expressed his love and appreciation for Pakistani culture. Previously, in an Instagram session with a local outlet, he had expressed his desire to work with actor and occasional singer Ayesha Omar. During the session he was asked which Pakistani actor he would like to work with.

Kurta with jeans or trousers has always been a fashion statement at music festivals and not a typical pair of kurta shalwars or pajamas. It was a big fashion trend in the west in the 1960s and 1970s when the hippie movement led the way.