20 years of happiness through music

It’s a sensational year for seniors across New Zealand as Operatunity Daytime Concerts and Travel is celebrating its 20th anniversary! And what a 20 year trip it was. In 154 tours with more than 3000 appearances later, Operatunity touched the lives of nearly 900,000 participants with nearly 70,000 songs played!

On this important occasion, this Operatunity is presenting its national tour for the 20th anniversary of the Royal Variety Show at 26 locations in New Zealand from February to April. The tour will celebrate the best musical comic and unforgettable moments of operatunity of the last 20 years, of course with tons of fun and flair!

The company has come quite a journey since it was founded in 2001 by married couple Susan Boland and John Cameron. It was a humble start with a tour of just four Auckland venues and nine spectators at their first concert. Sue and John had no employees in the early years and turned to all things. They worked around the clock promoting, booking tickets and even making sandwiches for the audience!

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown into a full-fledged New Zealand art success story. They now present over 200 concerts a year and perform in front of over 65,000 seniors across New Zealand. Among their 26 venues are many smaller, often overlooked, regions where operatunity-grateful communities host professional concerts.

Operatunity is New Zealand’s largest employer for New Zealand musicians and the only New Zealand company that employs full-time singers. Over the past 20 years, they have given local artists over 20,000 days of employment. Some of New Zealand’s favorite musicians from all genres have worked for the company, including pop icon Suzanne Lynch, opera star Helen Medlyn and award-winning violinist Marian Burns. They have also encouraged and mentored numerous young artists who have worked full-time for the company or overseas, including the operatunity-based artist Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua and Ten Tenors star Cameron Barclay.

Operatunity also has a very successful musical travel business opening the world to over 10,000 seniors who have traveled with them. Her international trips include opera tours to Italy, country music tours in Nashville, ballet in Russia, the music bars of Ireland and charter ships hosting exclusive music festivals. This year, in a great example of business hosting, they will take over 1000 seniors on bespoke music festival tours of New Zealand.

Although the company has grown immensely, its mission remains the same, bringing happiness, fun, caring and kindness through music. In 2020 Susan Boland, co-owner and managing director of Operatunity, received an MNZM for her service to music and seniors, which highlighted what a special part of the life of Operatunity has become for many people.

As the name suggests, Operatunity (a piece with the words opera and melodies) has its roots in the presentation of concerts of classical music. However, over the years the range of music on offer has expanded to reflect the diverse and changing tastes of the audience. Audiences can expect an insane amount of musical themes on the upcoming 20th Anniversary Royal Variety Show, including Musical Theater, Proms, Irish, Opera, Gatsby and beyond! Although styles are different, one thing is certain: in true operatunity fashion, all songs will be the ones the audience knows and loves.

On this tour, viewers will hear the voices of the Operatunity’s owners and co-founders, Susan Boland and John Cameron, along with the Operatunity-based artists Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua, Karl Perigo, Alex Milligan and Kelly Lim Harris with Paul Carnegie-Jones on piano enjoy in a razzmatazz show, shoes and sparkles.

For more information or to book, please visit www.operatunity.co.nz or call the toll free number 0508 266 237.

High resolution pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15MikDPhxGH8yXv_RLm8M_Ig0DQrmbt2s?usp=sharing

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